About us

We're a small firm, with attentive and really nice people. A diversified mix of talented communicators with varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences. At Gabor every client is our first priority. Our network includes seasoned media professionals, writers, directors and camera crews.

Our Services

Media and Presentation Skills Training

From CEOs and Cabinet Ministers to middle management, we’ve helped thousands of clients improve their media and presentation skills.

Learn how to be media ready and savvy. We help you formulate what to say and teach you how to say it.

Comprised of experienced journalists and seasoned professionals, our training team will coach, video tape, analyze and grill you in simulated interviews to deal with even the toughest questions while staying on brand and on key message.

We offer customized seminars for public speaking. Whether it’s an intensive one-on-one session,a video training workshop for a small group of four or five, or a lecture-sized demonstration, our clients walk away sharper communicators.

Media Relations

It’s Your PR Story: take the lead

Storytelling is in our DNA and we’ll make your story newsworthy. We can amplify it to the media and to audiences who matter.

Whether it’s stand alone PR, as a campaign component or social media crisis management, we are your advocate and advisor.

Video Production

The Gabor Group has always leveraged TV, film and video in all of our communications — we were even the first to produce video news releases in Canada.

We create and produce stunning broadcast-ready video in a storyteller’s medium.

Clients rely on our video production skills for writing and producing high quality video content in a wide variety of formats to meet your goals.

Tapping into our network of directors, camera crews, recording studios and post-production houses, we have developed hundreds of videos to visually sell our clients’ stories.

Our full in-house video production suite can quickly produce instructional videos, video news releases, PSAs, podcasts, brand stories, and web videos.

Print and Graphic Design

It’s apparent the ‘death of print’ has been ridiculously exaggerated. This is why we have continued to expand our in-house print and digital design studio. Starting with your objective and producing creative which meets up perfectly, our beautifully designed high-end brochures, newsletters, advertisements, direct marketing, posters and signage are a strategically grounded way to get your message to your target. We can also help develop and produce your presentations for larger corporate meetings and conferences.

digital communications

Get more social and join in on more conversations. Social media today is way more than just Twitter and Facebook. Your audience is looking for great content and we know where to be and what to say.

When it comes to social media we live it, get it and use it. With carefully crafted messages, targeted relevant creative, community management and responsive action plans we’re always one step ahead.

Our social media strategies, campaign-branded Facebook pages, Twitter content, YouTube videos, sharable Instagram posts and more have kept our clients’ conversations going. Let us talk to you about your social media needs and how we can start your conversation.

Our History

The Gabor Group was born in a time when media agnostic was still called ‘the big idea’. We were integrated when it was still simply known as common sense in marketing.

Agota Gabor founded The Gabor Group in 1980, drawing upon her extensive media experience as a journalist, on-air host and television producer. The Gabor Group didn’t invent advocacy PR, predict the internet or beta-test Facebook, yet we’ve always had the canny ability to forecast media trends and incorporate emerging technology into our solutions. From being one of the first agencies in Canada to offer intensive media training for executives and the first to use video news releases in media relations, to our highly-successful social marketing initiatives and multi-pronged social awareness campaigns, The Gabor Group continues to embrace the future. Best of all, we do so unencumbered by both the narrow-minded thinking of many traditional agencies, or the sizzle-over-strategy immaturity of most “new media” boutiques.

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